Course Creation

Multimedia Lesson

Appeal to multiple learning styles with video, audio, text, image-based lessons, and more. 

Quizzes + Timer/ Assignment

Create dynamic multimedia quizzes to reinforce learning or test competency of the material. Set a maximum time limit for a quiz so students can demonstrate learning within a certain time.

Course Builder

Easily build online courses from one screen with the intuitive multi-tier drag and drop course builder.

Drip Content

Protect your learner focus and future recurring revenue by making lessons available over time.


Require the successful completion of a specific lesson or even a specific course before another one unlocks.

Course Tracks

Offer degree programs or certifications on completion of a group of courses taken in any order.

Student Dashboard

Front end student profiles so learners can track their activity and stay organized.


Create a multi instructor platform and even assign multiple instructors to a course if you teach in teams.

Lesson Downloads

Offer downloadable worksheets, ebooks, PDFs, audios, and other files for offline learning.

Course Import/Exports

Easily import a LifterLMS course from one site to another for migration, licensing, and more. One click export a LifterLMS course from your website for migration, licensing, backups, and more.

Discussion Area (Comments, Forums, Private Coaching Areas)

Enjoy multiple discussion areas including lesson comments, forums, private coaching areas, and timelines.

Course Reviews

Increase course sales by collecting testimonials and honest reviews of your courses

Making Money

Credit Card Payment

Own your platform and revenue with simple conversion-optimized credit card payments.

One Time Payment

You can charge whatever you want for your courses or memberships including simple one-time pricing.

Recurring Payment

Create business sustainability and continuous cash flow with flexible recurring payment options

Various Payment Plans

Boost course sales with a payment plan option so people can spread it out if they need to.

Unlimited Pricing Models

Includes a powerful pricing and access engine called Access Plans so you can sell and restrict however you want.

Sell Subscriptions

Sell subscriptions to your learning platform and get recurring revenue for offering recurring value.

Sell Membership Access

Make paid memberships more valuable by giving them different pricing for courses than the general public.

Bundle Creation for Courses + Memberships

Increase revenues and learner impact by creating and selling bundles of courses.

Offer Free Courses

Offer free courses to generate leads or simply because your courses are not meant to be sold.

Private Coaching Upsell

Offer private content, coaching, and conversation unique to each student as an add-on to just training courses.

Coupon System

Increase buying activity through sales, affiliate promotions, partial scholarships, and more with coupons.

Voucher System for Bulk Sales

Sell your courses in bulk to a business, institution, school, and more with this powerful voucher system.

Mass Student Enrollment

Add students manually to your courses or send them activation codes so they can mass enroll.

Pre-Sale Launch

Offer courses for sale before they can be accessed to validate your idea or to offer prelaunch pricing.

E-Commerce Dashboard

Easily review sales analytics and create custom reports for business intelligence and accounting purposes.

Order Management

Manage every detail of orders so you are in control of your cashflow and the financial needs of your customers.

Engage Your Students

Achievement System

Make your online course progress addicting with earned achievement badge gamification.


Offer printable certificates for skills, training, continuing education requirements, and more.

Personalized Email

Deliver personalized custom emails based on learner behavior in your learning platform.

Private Coaching Space

Offer private 1:1 content, coaching, and discussion for maximum income potential and learner results.


Zoom Live Sessions

Want to host your live coaching sessions on Zoom? Our seamless integration into the cloud software allows you to interact with your students easily.

Mobile - Friendly

Responsive mobile friendly design so your website looks great on mobile, tablet, desktop, and big screens.

Extra Custom Development

LifterLMS works with any well-coded WordPress theme so you have unlimited design choices.

S3 Amazon Secured Hosting

Keep your data and content safe through our S3 Amazon server. 

Built-In Chatbot Support

Field FAQs by implementing our Chatbot feature.

Platform Management

Detailed Reporting

Beautiful customizable sales, enrollment, and student reports to view and download the data you care about.


See how your students are doing based on their completion progress, quiz scores, and overall grades.

Email Notifications

Receive custom emails when certain happen like new sales, quiz fails, course completions, and more. 

Bulk Enrollment

Add students manually to your courses or send them activation codes so they can mass enroll.

Manage Student Progress

View student reports, add students to new courses, remove students, give quiz second chances, and more.

Control Access for Forums/Courses/Membership

Allow lifetime, limited time, recurring payment access, and more to your courses and memberships.

Whitelabel Your LMS

Looks great inside any website design and offers powerful tools to control design without coding.

Create New User Roles

Build a team on your website with LMS managers, instructors, instructor’s assistants, and students.

EngageLMS helps you find new business opportunities.

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